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Q-Link® products are a unique line of Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) protection devices, that can help in many ways to improve your overall wellness. How? By using your body’s own natural energies. Biofields are subtle fields of energy that flow through and from our bodies. When your Biofield goes out of balance, you feel out of balance. Q-Link products help bring you back into balance by using Q- Links unique technology, known as SRT (Sympathetic Resonance Technology).

SRT is Q-Link’s proprietary system that involves the life supporting, frequency specific patterns of energy that your body produces. Think of SRT as a sophisticated tuning fork for your biofield. It brings you back into balance and closer to your most natural state.

Many people report that using Q-Links SRT EMF Protection Devices help to:

  • Reduce the negative effects of EMF exposure

  • Enhance energy, vitality and an overall sense of well-being

  • Heighten focus and concentration by reducing the effects of stress

  • Improve calmness, quality of life and the ability to sleep peacefully

  • Increase natural immunities to EMF exposure

  • Improve the body’s natural response to stress


Q-Link NEW SRT3 Technology

Q-Links Newest Technology features next-generation SRT 3. (Sympathetic Resonance Technology). This enables the device to resonate life-supporting frequencies in the Biofield more efficiently. This also activates a more powerful response to stress. Most people will notice heightened energy, better response and a more rapid return to centered emotional balance.


CLARUS, the parent Company of Q-Link, was founded in 1991 by Robert O. Williams. Its goal was to develop beneficial human and commercial applications of its proprietary technology called “Sympathetic Resonance Technology™” or “SRT™”. The Company manufactures and sells a range of Clarus Products using SRT™ under the Q-Link® and other brand names.

It has become a pioneer in establishing a scientific and commercial foothold in the emerging arena of  “Field-based Technologies” and their applications. The more often you wear or use our Q-Link EMF product, the better they can work for you.

Q-Link Products fulfill the needs of consumers in the wellness market. Our wearable and passive EMF protection devices presently fall into the health/sports products segment of that market.



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